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Drainage Design and Analysis Software

A better service delivered more efficiently

Our range of software allows us to undertake many tasks which would be impossible using manual techniques, 2D flood modelling is an example of this. At the same time our software speeds up other processes, such as the design of drainage systems for example. Overall then, our software means that our Clients get a better service delivered more efficiently.

Our main items of drainage design and analysis software are outlined below.

Graphs produced by Micro Drainage
Weir on watercourse channel, Winchester
Floodplain of River Itchen, Winall Moors, Winchester
Graph produced by FEH ReFH program
Drawing of attenuation basin produced by Civil 3D

Micro Drainage software

We use Micro Drainage software, produced by XP Solutions Ltd, primarily for the design of drainage systems to serve new developments. This includes both foul and surface water systems together with SUDS features. We can also use the software to analyse existing drainage systems.

System 1 and Simulation Modules

The System 1 software is used to design drainage systems to meet the requirements of 'Sewers for Adoption' or other design specifications such as the DMRB. We can then use the Simulation module to analyse the hydraulic performance of the system under a variety of conditions to confirm that it will actually meet the design requirements in practise.

The Simulation module is also used to analyse the performance of existing drainage systems, for example, to investigate flooding problems.

Source Control Module

The Source Control module allows us to quickly and efficiently design SUDS features including conventional soakaways, rainwater harvesting systems, attenuation tanks and ponds, infiltration trenches and basins, etc.

1D River Modelling Software (ISIS 1D & HEC-RAS)

ISIS 1D and HEC-RAS software allow the 1D modelling of watercourses including associated structures such as culverts, bridges and weirs and can represent steady, unsteady, supercritical, subcritical and transitional flows. The software therefore allows the estimation of water levels under various flow conditions which is necessary for the prediction of the onset of flooding and the design of subsequent improvement works, if required.

ISIS software is produced by CH2M Hill and HEC-RAS by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

ISIS 2D Flood Modelling Software

2D flood modelling involves the representation of water flowing over the ground surface, the latter typically being represented in the model by LiDAR data.

2D flood modelling can be used to assess the consequences of the failure of river or coastal defences or to model the flooding caused by a dam failure. Further uses are to represent flood flows across river flood plains or to model the flow of water across the ground surface due to flooding from a drainage system manhole. The methodology is therefore often used as part of a detailed Flood Risk Assessment (in England) or Flood Consequence Assessment (in Wales).

Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH)

The FEH is the industry standard method for assessing flood flows in watercourses and often the initial stage of many engineering processes. For example, the flows used in hydraulic river modelling are usually produced by a FEH analysis. An hydraulic river model, may in turn form an important part of a flood risk assessment (FRA) or flood consequence assessment (FCA). FRA's and FCA's are significant documents within the planning process and help to ensure that developments are not sited in areas prone to flooding.

FEH software is produced by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

AutoCAD Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D software, as well as providing 2D and 3D computer aided drafting, is specially tailored for use in the civil engineering field. We use it primarily as a 3D ground modelling tool, using a topographical survey or LiDAR data to provide the existing ground surface information.

We also use AutoCAD LT, which is a 2D computer aided drafting tool, for the production of straightforward construction drawings.

Both AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD LT are produced by Autodesk Ltd.