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Old quarry located close to development

Investigations into the possible use of deep bored soakaways involved understanding the local geology which entailed surveys in nearby abandoned quarries.

Drainage for new development, Gowerton, Swansea

Surface Water Drainage

Morton-Roberts secured approval for the disposal of surface water from a new residential development on the site of a previously demolished house. This proved to be extremely challenging since Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW) had imposed a moratorium on further surface water being discharged into their Gowerton sewer catchment. This was because excessive spills from combined sewer overflows (CSO's) into the Burry Inlet (a protected shellfish water) meant that the water company faced legal action. In addition a local land drainage flooding problem meant that surface water was not allowed to be discharged into the nearby local watercourse.


Morton-Roberts liaised extensively with DCWW's Developer Services and Swansea Council and this led to investigations into the use of both soakaways and deep bored soakaways, the latter involving extensive research into the local geology. Approval was gained for the surface water to be disposed of to SUDS features, including a rainwater harvesting system and a permeable pavement. Due to the prevailing ground conditions, excess water from the rainwater harvesting system and the outflow from the permeable pavement were discharged to the public sewer.
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