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Sandbags arranged to provide temporary protection against flooding.

Flooding advice for financial services company in south west England

Previous Flooding

Morton-Roberts provided advice to a financial services company regarding a flooding problem which affected their head office located in south west England. The lower floor of the office had flooded during the summer storms of 2007 and the company was anxious to ensure that it was suitably protected against future floods.


We were asked to provide practical advice regarding a choice between a temporary flood protection system, which would be deployed when needed, and a more costly permanent landscaped system. Either of these would replace the sandbags which were in use as a temporary measure at the time of our visit, see photograph.

Flood Estimation Handbook

Using Flood Estimation Handbook methods, we were able to give an estimation of the 'worst case' time between the onset of a severe storm and the peak flood flow. In this case this period was relatively short which was important when considering the time available to set out a temporary flood protection system and this then helped to inform the choice between the alternative systems.

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